Nomination Criteria & Guidelines
Please review and complete the form below with an
additional written narrative addressing the appropriate award criteria.

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"Israeli Company of the Year" Award Guidelines

Give a brief overview of the nominated company. Describe their product offerings and the nature of their business.

Explain what makes this company unique among its competition and why you are nominating this company.

Describe the qualities of this company's leadership team.

Results/Successes: Be specific in the context of your objectives. Precise, tangible results are requested. If this is a technology company discuss the impact this technology has and any barriers the technology overcame.


"Deal of the Year" Award Guidelines

Briefly describe the relationship between the nominees.

Record the size of the deal (magnitude of transaction -- volume, dollars, installs, etc.)

Describe the benefit to each side.


Please provide a written narrative on a separate page.

Please provide two customer references on a separate page.

Please complete the forms, and send narrative and references by APRIL 30, 2012 to:

Email: barry@aiccse.org

Mail: AICC 2012 Eagle Star Awards
American-Israel Chamber of Commerce
400 Northridge Road - Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30350

Fax: 404-843-1416